computer memory unit

computer memory unit
a unit for measuring computer memory
Hypernyms: ↑unit of measurement, ↑unit
nybble, ↑nibble, ↑byte, ↑sector, ↑block, ↑allocation unit, ↑partition, ↑word, ↑kilobyte, ↑kibibyte, ↑K, ↑KB, ↑kB, ↑KiB, ↑kilobit, ↑kbit, ↑kb, ↑kibibit, ↑kibit, ↑megabyte, ↑mebibyte, ↑M, ↑MB, ↑MiB, ↑megabit, ↑Mbit, ↑Mb, ↑mebibit, ↑Mibit, ↑gigabyte, ↑gibibyte, ↑G, ↑GB, ↑GiB, ↑gigabit, ↑Gbit, ↑Gb, ↑gibibit, ↑Gibit, ↑terabyte, ↑tebibyte, ↑TB, ↑TiB, ↑terabit, ↑Tbit, ↑Tb, ↑tebibit, ↑Tibit, ↑petabyte, ↑pebibyte, ↑PB, ↑PiB, ↑petabit, ↑Pbit, ↑Pb, ↑pebibit, ↑Pibit, ↑exabyte, ↑exbibyte, ↑EB, ↑EiB, ↑exabit, ↑Ebit, ↑Eb, ↑exbibit, ↑Eibit, ↑zettabyte, ↑zebibyte, ↑ZB, ↑ZiB, ↑zettabit, ↑Zbit, ↑Zb, ↑zebibit, ↑Zibit, ↑yottabyte, ↑yobibyte, ↑YB, ↑YiB, ↑yottabit, ↑Ybit, ↑Yb, ↑yobibit, ↑Yibit

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